Removing An Old Concrete Driveway With A Sledgehammer And Concrete Saw

If your older home has a concrete driveway that is at the end of its life, then you will be pleased to know that you can remove it. While this project is very physical, the tools can be operated by any able-bodied person with a willing spirit.

This project requires the following:

  • a walk-behind concrete saw

  • a sledgehammer

  • a long pry bar

Follow these steps to remove your old concrete driveway:

Note: You need to rent a construction dumpster that is approved for concrete recycling to complete this project. Place all of the concrete and rebar from your home's old driveway into the dumpster so that it can be recycled into clean fill for a construction site.

Step 1: Dress in Appropriate Clothing for Concrete Removal

Since breaking up concrete can be a messy and dangerous project, it is important that you wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself during the process. You should wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt, work boots, and a dust mask that is rated for concrete dust. In addition, you will be handling broken pieces of concrete, so you should wear a thick pair of leather gloves to protect your hands.

Step 2: Break the Concrete with the Sledgehammer

The easiest way to break up the old driveway is to hit it with a large sledgehammer. While you can cut it with the concrete saw, breaking it up first will save a lot of time and will prevent the blades on the saw from becoming dull halfway through your project.

Step 3: Remove the Smaller Pieces of Concrete

Once you have chunks of the old driveway that you can safely carry, you should pry them out using the pry bar and place them into the recycling dumpster. If you alternate breaking and moving material into the dumpster, then you will be able to work longer, and your body will more easily tolerate the physical labor.

Step 4: Cut the Rebar Sections with the Concrete Saw

Your concrete driveway is likely to have rebar inside of it that was meant to keep it strong. You should cut through the rebar with the concrete saw. The diamond blade on the concrete saw will easily cut through the metal.

Step 5: Remove the Rest of the Concrete

Finally, you should place the rest of the concrete and rebar materials into the recycling dumpster. Once all of the material is in the dumpster, then you can have the waste removal company retrieve their dumpster.