Remove Leaf Stains From Your Patio This Weekend With Basic Household Supplies

One of the best parts about fall are all the beautiful leaves. However, just because you appreciate looking at the leaves as they fall down does not mean you want your concrete stained with leaf shapes. You can easily remove the leaf stains on your concrete with a couple of basic supplies and a little bit of free time.

Gather Up Your Supplies

Most of the supplies you need for this project are items that you should be able to easily find around your home. You will need powdered dishwasher detergent, bleach, a large bucket and a stiff scrub-brush to clean with. You will need either a power washer or a garden hose with a spray attachment. Since you will be working with bleach, you may also want to wear some old clothing that you don't mind splashing bleach on.

Clean Off Your Patio

The first thing you need to do is clean off your patio. Take out your push broom and clean off any leaves and debris that are hanging around. Or, you can use your pressure washer or garden hose with a spray attachment to remove any leaves and debris on your patio.

Use The Powdered Dishwasher Detergent

Next, once your patio is clean, you need to get it damp if you didn't use water to clean your patio with. Hose down your patio with a garden hose or pressure washer. Then, take the container of dishwasher detergent and scatter the detergent over any areas where you have leaf stains on your patio. Let the detergent soak into the cement for at least five to ten minutes.

Scrub It Off

After the detergent has sat for ten minutes, use your scrub brush to scrub the areas where the leaf stains are located. Scrub in a circular motion and then scrub back and forth. You should scrub each leaf stain for at least a minute or two before moving on to the next stain.

After you have scrubbed all the leaf stains, rinse off the dishwasher detergent with your hose or with your pressure washer. If the stain is still present, let some more powdered dishwasher detergent sit on the stain and then scrub it again. The stains will come off more easily if you remove them when they are fresh.

Attack Tough Stains With Bleach

If you are not able to get to the leaf stains on your patio when they are fresh, and they are able to soak into your patio, you may need to attack them with bleach. You only need to use a bleach solution on really tough stains that will not come out with the powdered dishwasher detergent. Due to how strong the bleach is, you'll want to dilute it with water.

Pour the bleach mixture onto the leaf stain and let it soak in for five to ten minutes. Then, scrub the stain with a brush. Finally, rinse off your patio to remove the bleach.

If you need to use the bleach to clean your stains, you may want to clean your entire patio with the bleach. This will prevent one area of your patio getting stained lighter than the rest due to the bleach.

You should be able to clean the leaf stains off your patio without making a trip to the store or purchasing additional supplies. The sooner you attempt to remove the leaf stains, the easier they will be to remove and the less time you will have to spend scrubbing the leaf stains off your patio. This will also help you to avoid having to contact concrete suppliers for a new patio installation.