4 Tips For Creating A Memory Garden For Your Loved One

If you have lost a loved one, you can make a beautiful garden at your home in their memory. This not only gives you a beautiful area of your yard, but gives you a place to go to feel close to that person, and to think on all the wonderful memories you have of them. To create a memory garden, follow the four tips below.

Get the Garden Ready

Choose an area of your yard that gets sun most of the day, as many flowers require this. You may want to consider placing the flower garden in an area of your yard where you can be alone. Once you decide on the place, you need to determine how large you want the flower garden to be, and then build it.

Building a new flower garden is a lot of hard work, so consider asking friends and family members of the person that passed away to help you.

Plant Flowers

Visit your local garden center to find flowers for your memory garden, and then plant them. Purchase flowers your loved one would have liked, or choose flowers by their favorite colors. Plant a mixture of perennials and annuals. Perennial flowers come back each year on their own, and annual flowers die at the end of each season. Invite friends of your loved one to bring a start from the flowers in their flower gardens to include in the memory garden. If your loved one had a garden of their own, transplant a few of their flowers to your memory garden.

Build a Garden Pathway

Build a pathway that you can use to walk to your memory garden. This could be something as simple as decorative stone chips. Add a large stone edging on each side of the pathway to keep the stone chips in place. You could use concrete pavers to make a unique walkway. You can find concrete pavers in almost any color you could want because pigments and color dyes can be added to the concrete while it is being manufactured. If you have a small pathway, you can purchase ready mix concrete at any home improvement store that you can add color to and make your own pavers. No matter what type you use, you should use a color sealant on the colored concrete to keep the color from fading.

Add a Cement Stepping Stone

Add a cement stepping stone in the garden with a quote dedicated to your loved one. You can purchase these stepping stones at most home improvement stores. You can also purchase kits that allow you to create your own cement stone and personalize it yourself.

To make your memory garden eve more peaceful, add a bird bath or a garden bench. Consider adding a small statue, or you could add a statue water fountain.