Three Brick Road Patterns You Can Achieve With A Brick Layer Machine

It used to take concrete contractors weeks to lay down individual bricks and have them interlace in complex patterns to create patios, driveways, walkways and even brick roads. A recent bit of modern engineering, a brick layer machine, takes bricks of all sizes and colors and interlaces them before slowly laying down and entire grid of bricks in a wet concrete base. The machine can be programmed to make three different patterns, all of which your concrete contractor can program the machine to do. If you are interested in shortening the time necessary to lay this type of interlaced brick driveway or walkway, ask your concrete contractor if he or she has such a machine. Then choose from one of the following three patterns.

The Chevron

Bricks of your color choice are fed into the Tiger Stone paving machine, where the crew lays a row of bricks across the top and continues to feed rows of bricks into the machine. As the paving machine slowly backs up, a long, slanted shovel in front lays down the bricks that were interlaced inside the machine and now form the chevron pattern. All of the bricks, except those on the outside edges, are laced end to end and side to side. Triangular bricks fill the holes along the straight edges where the chevron pattern meets the edges and leaves the large triangular holes.

The L-Shape Rectangles and Columns

This simplified but very decorative pattern involves several straight lines of bricks, which can be a different color from the rest of the bricks used to create a very dynamic and colorful paved surface. In between these straight rows of bricks, the paving machine weaves a slightly more complex pattern that creates capital L-shaped patterns in rectangular columns. It is a very nice way to create bike lanes or walking paths, and in the same time that the paving machine would lay any of the other two patterns it can be programmed to create and lay.

The Classic Brick Wall Look--Horizontally

The final pattern that this modern marvel of concrete construction creates is the classic brick wall look. Just like the chevron and L-shape rectangle patterns, bricks are fed into the top of the machine, row by row, by the concrete contractor's crew. As the machine backs up, the bricks are pulled into the machine, laid on top of each other, and then gently expelled downward into a horizontal wall on the ground. It is the simplest of all three patterns, although the paving machine makes any of the patterns look like child's play. Contact a company like Planit Dirt, Inc. for more information.