Finishing Your Basement: What To Expect

If you have an unfinished basement, the world is your oyster when it comes to refinishing. While the work may be extensive, there are many benefits to being able to utilize this square footage to the fullest. Learn what to expect when you finish your basement so you can be prepared for the process.

Concrete cutting

If you want your basement to have an exit door so you can walk outside from this living space, you will have to hire a concrete contractor to do the job. A concrete contractor uses special concrete cutting tools to remove your concrete walls so you can put in steps to lead you up from your underground living space to the outside via a patio or basic door. They then lay a concrete pad or steps outside your door so you can have outdoor space to utilize when you step outside. Part of the concrete cutting process is making precision cuts along your concrete pad to help prevent stress fractures in your cement. This process can cost anywhere between $2,500 to $5,500, and makes your basement more efficient and safe in having an exit to the outside of your home.

Sheetrock and painting

Exposed beams and pipes can make your basement less desirable to be in. Simply installing sheet rock and decorative paint can make a world of difference. A contractor will install sheetrock for you, and place insulation between your home's structure and the sheet rock to help keep heat in and cold and moisture out of your basement. If you have exposed cement walls, you can choose to sheetrock this area as well to make the area more comfortable.


Carpeting can be tricky in a basement. You want carpet that is comfortable to walk on, but also functional in style. Since your basement is an area that is prone to flooding, especially if your main sewer pipes are housed in your basement, you want to make sure you choose carpet that is easy to clean and care for. Commercial carpeting is often a wise choice for basements, and comes in a variety of stylish patterns and colors. You may want to leave a wash room or storage area free of carpeting and paint your concrete with slick-proof paint in these areas instead to help prevent stains and other types of damage in these high-traffic areas.

When finishing your basement, you want to make sure you are ready for all the renovations that will need to be done to make this space more livable. From choosing the right carpeting to hiring a concrete contractor to cut out a doorway for you, your basement will require a lot of work to make it ideal for living in. The results will be worth it and you can enjoy all the square footage of your home once the project is finished.