Dressing Up Your Driveway With Stamped Concrete

If you are looking for a way to change the appearance of a drab looking driveway, you may have considered using concrete as a medium. Concrete is extremely durable and has a pleasing look that many desire in a driveway setting. Adding imprints to the concrete as it is placed can give the aesthetics a whole new look. Here are some basic instructions on how to add decorative stamping to a concrete driveway to make the surface one that is unique from everyone else's in your neighborhood.

Enlist Some Help

You will need to enlist help from a concrete contractor to create your driveway as making your own concrete is too difficult and expensive for a large project like this. Calling a driveway paving service is another alternative if you wish to have someone else place the stamping pattern in your driveway for you as part of the process. 

Select A Design

Concrete stamps come in a variety of patterns. Many people like the look of rock, brick, or cobblestone on a driveway. Using stamps in concrete allows you to have the look of a more expensive medium without having to pay steep prices. Stamps come in sets so you can place more than one down at a time, alternating patterns and directions of the tools in the process so you have a unique look as a result.

Prepare The Area

Before concrete can be poured, a mold should be placed on each side of your existing driveway. This can be constructed of wooden boards. These will help contain the concrete so it does not spill out into portions of your yard, leaving you with crisp, straight edges instead. Brush some vegetable oil on the interior portions of the boards so they can be easily removed after the concrete has cured.

Add The Impressions

Stamping equipment can be rented at a tool rental service. Lay the stamps out in the pattern you desire so you can work quickly to make the impressions. Sprinkle a powdered releasing agent on the concrete to help keep the tools from sticking when you pull them back out of the concrete. Press each on down into the concrete, working your way from one side of the driveway to the other. 

Start a new row and continue until all tools are placed. Go back to the first one you had placed and remove it from the concrete. Set it down on the ground and follow suit with the remaining stampers until your pattern is laid out in front of you once again. Continue imprinting and removing the stamps until you reach the end of your driveway. After the concrete hardens, you can paint the driveway if desired.

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