How To Use Concrete To Make Your Country Playscape Unique

Have you decided that you want to raise your children out in the country? If so, you may be wanting to create a playscape that will help to provide outdoor adventures for your children. Think about contacting a professional who specializes in concrete work. Consider having some ideas to present to the commercial concrete contractor so he or she will better understand what you have in mind. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and fun. 

  • For example, concrete contractors to pour a hardscape path that winds around your property will give your kids access to fun bike rides and a place to do some fancy roller blading.
  • Another fun idea is to have the contractor design a concrete play pod in an unusual shape like a huge flower, a geometric shape like an octagon or a hexagon, or even in the shape of the state in which you reside. That area would be great for skating, tricycle play, and even for simple fun like hop scotch, Tic-Tack-Toe games, and drawing with sidewalk chalk.
  • Consider asking the contractor to do a square section apart from the main area that can be set up for a huge game of chess or checkers. Think about hiring gifted artisans who specialize in faux painting to do your game designs for you. 
  • It would also be good to have a separate area that would contain a table and chairs so the kids can have picnics and tea parties. The same artisans can make the concrete look like wooden flooring, bricks, or almost anything else your mind can imagine.
  • Think about covering this part of the playscape so there will be protection from rain and the rays of the sun.
  • If you have the space, think about including a concrete court that will be used for games like tennis, volleyball or badminton.
  • Finally, think about asking the contractor to create a separate a space that will be designated for grass or another ground cover that lends itself to games like dodge ball, tag and other activities where a soft landing is good if somebody takes a fall.

The great part about using concrete in your playscape plans is that it's very affordable and it will last for a very long time. In addition, it's easy to care for, as all you have to do is spray it with a garden hose to clean it. The kids will think that's just part of the fun!