Four Ways You Can Give Grey Concrete A Colorful Custom Finish

There are many areas of your home where you may have plain grey concrete. This can be in basements, a patio, garage or driveway. You do not have to leave that concrete with a dull, grey finish. There are concrete finishing techniques that can be used to give your concrete color and an attractive custom finish. Here are some techniques that can be used to give concrete color and a unique look:

1. Adding An Epoxy Coating For An Easy-To-Clean Surface

Epoxy can be a great material to use for surfaces that are prone to messes. These are finishes that are painted on to seal the concrete. They can be solid colors and include textures. Epoxy can be great for garages, basements and game rooms where you want a floor that is easy to clean. If you want a custom look, you can combine different colors and textures for your epoxy finish.

2. Using Acid Stain For Colors And Custom Look Of Tile Or Stone

Using acid stains can be another way to give your concrete a custom look. This can be good if you want to make the concrete finish look like natural stone. If you are installing in-floor heating, lightweight concrete and acid staining can give your floors a custom finish. The staining can be done to give floors patterns can custom designs.

3. Stamped Concrete Finishing To Give A Texture Outdoor Surface For Concrete

Stamped concrete finishing can be another great solution for concrete outdoors. If you have a drive or patio that has dull grey concrete, you may want to consider a stamped process to give it a custom look. The stamped concrete finishes can resemble many different materials, such as stone or brickwork.

4. Adding Color And Protecting Concrete With A Seal Coating Finish

If you want to add color and protect concrete from cracks and erosion, seal coating is another finish you may want to consider. This is a process of applying a sealant to the concrete to prevent water from seeping into it. Seal coating can give concrete color, as well as a durable finish that will last. This is a great solution for long driveways with erosion problems.

These are some techniques that can be used to give your concrete more color and a custom finish. If you are ready to change the look of your concrete, contact a paving contractor to get help with tasks, such as stamped pavements and seal coating processes.  

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