How To Keep Broken Concrete Out Of The Landfill

Concrete is a highly durable and useful building material, and you can find it in everything from sidewalks and driveways to buildings. One of the downsides of concrete is that it's extremely heavy and difficult to get rid of once it has been broken up due to a construction project. If you've recently had some work done, such as a new driveway installed or a sidewalk that has been re-done and there is broken concrete lying around, here are some tips to reuse it so that it doesn't end up in a landfill.

Repurpose It

Since concrete is very durable and heavy duty, it can be used for all kinds of different purposes. If you happen to have some broken up slabs lying around, consider using them as fun garden paving stones. Place them in a row in your backyard and use them to provide a nice pathway. Or, you can even put some broken concrete pieces together to make a cool, sturdy planter for the garden. If you stack the pieces up, it can also make an interesting outdoor feature wall for gardens and patios.

Donate It

Many landscaping companies are more than willing to take broken concrete off your hands. You can also ask if any local small businesses or builders might be able to use your old concrete. They may have access to machines that can grind it up for recycling and use it again. This is a much better option than throwing it out, and you will be helping the businesses out as well. Most companies are willing to come remove the concrete for free since they're getting it from you at no charge. Do some research and find out who may be able to reuse the concrete for a new project.

Advertise It

If all else fails, use the Internet and try to put out an ad to let people know you have concrete to give away. You may be surprised at how many people respond to your offer. Since concrete is such a versatile material, a lot of artists use it as well as landscape companies. There may also be some non-profit organizations in your area who can use it for a variety of different applications. No matter what you do, giving away those broken pieces of concrete to someone who can use them is always a better option than dumping them in your local landfill. 

For more information, contact a concrete breaking company.