Patch Your Asphalt Holes To Perfect The Appearance Of Your Driveway

Prior to having your asphalt driveway sealed for the year, you should take the time to fix the holes and cracks that the winter weather has caused. Here, you will learn how to do just that. To repair your asphalt driveway you will need:

  • Chisel or old flat-head screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Broom
  • Coarse gravel
  • Plywood
  • Cold asphalt patch material

Plan the Day

To get the best results, choose a work day that is clear and comfortable to work. You don't want to be scraping ice and snow away to do the work, so wait until the driveway is clear of ice and snow and when there isn't snow or rain predicted for a day or two.

Clear the Area

Clear away all of the debris on the driveway. Use the broom to sweep away salt, dirt and other debris that could be hiding cracks and holes. Get your hammer and chisel and clean the edges of the holes. Taking the time to shape the edges will help you make the patch work much easier. If you have a saw with a concrete blade, you could use it to cut the asphalt to make this step a little easier, but be careful in doing so – the asphalt chips can become airborne and cause injuries. Always wear the proper safety gear, such as good work gloves and eye protection. Sweep away the debris and continue to the next step.

Add Gravel

If the hole is deeper than two inches, you must add a bit of gravel to the hole. This provides a good foundation for the patch and will help to prevent the patch from sinking and needing further repair. Compact the gravel in the hole and continue to the next step.

Patch the Hole

Now, pour some of the patch material into the hole. Spread it evenly into the hole, tapping it to close up any air pockets underneath the surface. Continue adding the material until the patch is slightly heaping over the surface of the driveway.

Compress the Patch

Lay a sheet of plywood over the patch and drive over it with your car a few times. This will help to press the patch into the hole and relieve any air pockets hidden under the surface.

After all of the patches are in place, wait a few days for the material to cure completely. Then, return with a coat of sealant on the patches or coat your entire driveway with a fresh coat of sealant to hide the patches and perfect the appearance. If you need a professional to fill the crack for you, visit Home Outdoor.