Making Driveways Safer

Your concrete driveway serves you well at home or at your business. In general, these driveways are low maintenance and last for decades. Of course, safety is always an issue with driveways, both for drivers and pedestrians. Your current driveway may need some improvements to make it less dangerous. Fortunately, you can work with a contractor to make your driveway safe for pedestrians.


Any sidewalk that crosses your driveway should remain at the same height as the walkway on either side of the entrance. The driveway pavement should never overlap the sidewalk, either. If the sidewalk is slightly higher than the driveway's surface, drivers will be more aware that of them and be more aware of pedestrians. Since children are particularly vulnerable to injury in driveways, a safe crossing area is vital. According to experts, sidewalks across driveways should be three feet wide with no more than a two percent "side slope."  All of these measures help protect pedestrians crossing your home or business driveway.


Adding medians to commercial driveways has been shown to improve driveway safety. These medians enforce a safe distance between vehicles that are entering and leaving parking lots. A driver's attention is better focused as they pull into or out of a driveway. These medians have been found to help reduce the number of crashes when they are present, so they are an excellent addition to a business. Fewer crashes mean less exposure to lawsuits for you and your company.


Both private and commercial driveways are safer when they are promptly and correctly repaired. Ruts, potholes, and other surface irregularities can cause pedestrians to fall in the vicinity of a moving vehicle and potentially receive serious injuries. In addition, rough surfaces can cause drivers to lose control of their cars, endangering them, other drivers, and pedestrians. This problem is easy to ignore if you have stamped concrete because irregularities are often hidden by the pattern. Fortunately, you can either have rough areas repaired individually or even have the driveway resurfaced instead of totally replaced. To keep everyone safe, you need to have these repairs done several times a year.

Your driveway needs to be a safe place for you, your vehicle, and pedestrians. You can increase the safety of your pavement by contacting a professional for a safety evaluation. They can tell you if the sidewalk crossing your driveway is safe, and they can give you an estimate on necessary repairs. Do not take your driveway for granted. Consider making it less dangerous for everyone who uses it.