Are Asphalt Cracks Something To Worry About?

Question: Should you worry about cracks in the asphalt? The short answer: yes.

Have you ever had a crack in your windshield and did nothing about it? At first, it stayed as this small crack, but later it began to grow and spread across your entire windshield. This is because of an almost constant exposure to the elements putting stress on the windshield. Now, imagine if you had people walking across your windshield on a daily basis. It probably wouldn't last very long.

Cracks will eventually cause deterioration and lead to erosion of a road, driveway, or sidewalk.  And it can happen more quickly than you think. Asphalt is exposed, not only to the elements, but also to strong stresses from constant traffic. It's enough to wear down even the strongest materials over time. When chinks in the armor first appear, action needs to be taken before it gets worse.

Cracks happen when strong forces, repeated stresses, or changes in the environment stress the asphalt beyond its current capacity. The risk of this increases as the asphalt ages. Then water seeps in between the cracks and freezes in cold temperatures, causing expansion and bigger cracks. Or in warmer temperatures water can erode asphalt from underneath. The cracks start as small lines in certain patterns depending on the causative factors. From there, water seeps in and erodes the asphalt further, until you eventually get a complete breakdown of the asphalt.

As you can see, if you don't take care of the cracks, you eventually end up with areas that are unsuitable for normal vehicles. Deteriorated asphalt also poses problems for pedestrians and bike riders. Risks of injury are ripe when the sidewalks, streets, and driveways are in bad shape. Twisted ankles, broken arms, fractured paellas are all possible consequences of a wrong step on bad pavement or a bike tire hitting an unseen hole. If that bad pavement is your property, then you may be legally responsible for any injuries that resulted from tripping or falling on that bad pavement.

So what do you do about it? There are a few options. If it's city property, then you should call the city and let them handle it. If it's your property, then you can do your own asphalt repair, or you can hire a professional do it for you. Unless you are already knowledgeable about it, or you are prepared to do your homework and learn what you need to know about it, you should probably hire a professional for parking lot repair or home asphalt repair.

Even small cracks in the asphalt can eventually lead to much bigger problems. This is because the weather conditions and stresses that the asphalt is exposed to are relatively severe. So do yourself a favor and take care of those small cracks before they become big problems. Contact a service, like Bartelt Enterprises Inc., for more help.