What To Do When Something Goes Awry With Your Crane Rental

As a contractor, there are multiple benefits to crane rentals. Not many jobs require a crane, and renting one is a lot easier on your bottom line than paying for one over the course of decades. Yet, because these cranes see a lot of action as rentals, they will eventually have mechanical problems just as yours might if you owned one. As good as the maintenance is on a rental crane, it cannot prevent the inevitable. If your rental crane suddenly has issues, here is what you need to do.

Do NOT Attempt to Fix the Crane

No matter how badly you need that crane to operate, do not attempt to fix the crane yourself. Remember, it is a rental, and therefore not your problem. Plus, attempting to fix it might void any warranties the rental company has on it.

Call the Rental Place Right Away

Immediately call the rental company. They will want to know that the crane is not working properly and that you need a replacement. Some rental companies will even prorate you a refund for half a day or a day while they find you a replacement crane and retrieve the dysfunctional one. In the meantime, get the crane set up for retrieval. If you can, have your crane operator place it off to the side of the road where the rental company can pick it up.

Request a Refund

In the event that the rental company cannot find a replacement because all of their cranes are currently at different job sites, you may be able to get a refund for the time you have left on your contract. If you paid in advance, you are owed either a crane for use or a refund. When a replacement is not provided, the rental company should offer you a refund and maybe even suggest another rental company that can help.

Wait to Hear from the Rental Company on Your Replacement

As urgent as construction deadlines are, wait to hear from the rental company. They will need to sort through their inventory, call the other renters, and find out if they can get a replacement to you within twenty-four to seventy-two hours. If you jump the gun and get another crane from another rental agency, and then the first agency finds a crane for you, you will have to pay both agencies for their cranes. Just give the first agency a little time before you try tracking down another crane elsewhere.

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