How To Accommodate Plumbing Or Electrical Lines In Your Concrete Floor

If you have a concrete floor in your basement or home, and you need to install new plumbing or electrical lines under or in your floor, you are going to need to cut a channel. You can do this on your own if you have the right supplies and protective gear.

Measure Off the Area

First, figure out where you want to put the channel on your floor. Consult your plans for the house and make sure that there are not already electrical or plumbing lines where you want to put the new lines.

Once you determine that there are no electrical or plumbing lines present, mark off the area where you want to put your channel. You can use chalk and a tape measure to mark off where you want to put the channel. Remember you want to make two lines, one on each side of the channel, where you need to cut away the concrete.

Get Your Tools Ready

Second, to make the cut you are going to need to use a diamond-blade wet concrete saw. If you don't own a wet concrete saw, you can rent one from your local tool rental store instead of investing in a wet saw for this one project.

When using a diamond-blade wet concrete saw, you need to make sure to protect yourself. You are going to want to wear enclosed safety glasses, a mask and hearing protection. The saw will create fine dust particles that you don't want to get in your eyes or your lungs, and it can be loud. It is also smart to wear steel-toed shoes to protect your feet from falling debris.

Making The Cut

To use the wet-saw, you are going to want to connect a garden hose to the inlet on the saw and turn on the hose. Then, you are going to want to take the saw and hold it perpendicular to your floor. Turn on the saw, and cut into the concrete, working your way down to the right depth. Use force to work the saw along the line that you made with chalk. Try to cut the entire length of one side of the channel at first, and then cut the other length of the channel.

Remove The Concrete

After you cut both sides of the channel, you need to remove the concrete that you just cut. The best way to remove the concrete is to use a metal pry bar to lift up the concrete. Keep in mind the concrete may be really heavy. If the channel is really long, you may want to make cuts across the channel to make the concrete pieces smaller and more manageable.

With the right tools, you can cut a channel in your concrete floor for your plumbing and electrical lines. Or you can hire a concrete company, like hardcore concrete cutting, to come out and quickly cut an effective channel for you, and fill it back in once your electrical and plumbing lines are put in place.