Getting The Right Concrete For The Job Your Are Doing

Concrete is a pretty generic term and can be a combination of cement, water, and different aggregates. The mixture depends significantly on the needs of the project, and getting the right mix is critical to the concrete doing what it is intended to do. 

Ready Mix Concrete

The term ready mix often refers to concrete that is batch mixed off-site and brought to the job ready to pour. There are a number of ways it is made, but the concrete should not need anything done to it when you receive it. 

In most cases, the concrete supplier will mix the concrete for you and deliver it in a concrete mixer to your site. The mixer operator will be ready to pour the mix when they arrive. Sometimes the concrete is mixed at a batch plant that is very close to the job and then brought to the site in dump trucks, but only if the concrete can be immediately poured.

Concrete sitting in the truck can start to cure and become a problem, so using this method means the site has to be ready to receive the concrete as soon as it arrives. Delays in dumping can cause the concrete to stick to the bed of the dump truck and can be challenging to clean up later.

Concrete Engineering

Ready-mix concrete is beneficial because it can be altered as required to get the properties needed for a specific job. Like everything else that goes into a major construction project, the concrete mix is engineered to work a particular way or have properties like strength or flexibility after it cures.

Sometimes the architect of a building will determine the concrete used on the job needs to have the ability to support additional weight or perform a function that requires the mix of the concrete to be slightly different from the usual mix. Passing this information off to the mix plant operator allows them to create the right concrete for the best long term success.

Benefits of Batch Mixing

The engineer or operator at the batch plant will mix the concrete to the specification for the job, and since they are mixing one batch at a time, they can serve several customers at once, with entirely different mixes of concrete. The concrete may have completely different properties and different aggregates in it, but the small batches make it possible to mix one truckload and send it out and reduces the amount of waste at the plant.

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