Three Brick Road Patterns You Can Achieve With A Brick Layer Machine

It used to take concrete contractors weeks to lay down individual bricks and have them interlace in complex patterns to create patios, driveways, walkways and even brick roads. A recent bit of modern engineering, a brick layer machine, takes bricks of all sizes and colors and interlaces them before slowly laying down and entire grid of bricks in a wet concrete base. The machine can be programmed to make three different patterns, all of which your concrete contractor can program the machine to do.

4 Tips For Creating A Memory Garden For Your Loved One

If you have lost a loved one, you can make a beautiful garden at your home in their memory. This not only gives you a beautiful area of your yard, but gives you a place to go to feel close to that person, and to think on all the wonderful memories you have of them. To create a memory garden, follow the four tips below. Get the Garden Ready Choose an area of your yard that gets sun most of the day, as many flowers require this.

2 Ways A Concrete Pump Can Help Your New Concrete Business Succeed

If you just started up a concrete business, you should consider purchasing a concrete pump and adding it to your equipment. Here are two ways a concrete pump could help your business succeed. You Can Help Get To Hard To Reach Locations One of the biggest advantages of adding a concrete pump to your equipment is that you will be able to get to hard to reach locations. When you only have a traditional concrete truck, you can only deliver to locations you can easily back your truck up to.

Remove Leaf Stains From Your Patio This Weekend With Basic Household Supplies

One of the best parts about fall are all the beautiful leaves. However, just because you appreciate looking at the leaves as they fall down does not mean you want your concrete stained with leaf shapes. You can easily remove the leaf stains on your concrete with a couple of basic supplies and a little bit of free time. Gather Up Your Supplies Most of the supplies you need for this project are items that you should be able to easily find around your home.

Removing An Old Concrete Driveway With A Sledgehammer And Concrete Saw

If your older home has a concrete driveway that is at the end of its life, then you will be pleased to know that you can remove it. While this project is very physical, the tools can be operated by any able-bodied person with a willing spirit. This project requires the following: a walk-behind concrete saw a sledgehammer a long pry bar Follow these steps to remove your old concrete driveway: